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ICV Certification
In Country Valuation

Morison Qatar has been appointed as Tawteen's certifying body to implement the In-Country Value (ICV) program supporting Qatar GDP diversification through sourcing more goods and services within the country and strategically localising critical parts of the value chain for selected categories. The In-Country Value (ICV) serves to drive the localization agenda in Qatar. The policy sets forth the rules and requirements of in-country value into the ways of working and has an impact on the end-to-end supply chain. ICV is a key strategic focus area that support Qatar in becoming globally competitive. Businesses must now complete an ICV assessment as part of their partnership with TAWTEEN, which will form part of the tender evaluations and award process in the energy sector in Qatar. TAWTEEN requires an annual third-party verification of the scores of the ICV Certificate to be conducted.

In Country Valuation

There are 2 critical ICV inputs which will be used throughout the end-to-end procurement process: ICV Scorecard: ICV Scorecard is mandatory for all suppliers which is based on latest 12 month audited financial statements. The scorecard must be certified by ICV certifier and has to be refreshed minimum annually. ICV Plan: ICV plan must be submitted per contract and applicable for selected contracts. This is based on the ICV forecast for contract duration