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Business Consulting


  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies
  • Process Mapping & Quality Management Systems
  • Business Forecasting
  • BPO Business and Operational Strategy Advisory
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Plan & Risk Assessment
  • Corporate financing services and Advising on Mergers
  • JV’s and Project Financing
Audit and Assurance

We combine international consulting skills with local expertise, innovation and creativity to develop the best solutions for our clients. Our approach combines a rapid diagnosis of the business issues pertaining to our clients with the execution of changes needed, aiming to transfer our skills and experience to our clients staff, thereby ensuring their sustainable business improvement.

Market Research & Feasibility Studies

The feasibility study helps the decision maker to make an informed and constructive choice. It involves identification of technical feasibility, operational feasibility, HR feasibility, Legal structure feasibility and organization structure feasibility. On the basis of a preliminary study, the viability of the project is ascertained and if viable, a comprehensive market research is conducted. Such market research will assess the market potential, market and customer segments, industry trends, customer needs, target markets, competition identification and analysis. The project economic, financial, technical and investment analysis will be conducted and form part of the report. The report will also cover risk factors, scenario or sensitivity analysis.

Process Mapping & Quality Management Systems

Process mapping helps you list out the activities or processes of your business and their interactions and this helps you identify gaps and overlaps which in turn provides basis for improvements in effectiveness and efficiency. The current state process map will essentially reflect the ‘as is’ of your business and Future state process map wll provide you the desired state of your business processes after the improvements have been incorporated. This forms an essential pre-requisite for implementation of Quality Management System. Any Quality Management System essentially documents the processes and implements stable operations which are effective and efficient.

Business Forecasting

Through Business forecasting, the client is able to estimate or predict future patterns using business data. This estimate or predication could be anything from customer lifetime value to half yearly or quarterly sales figures. The estimates could be relating to website traffic or product demand. Forecasting also helps in inventory management both in manufacture and retail environment. Regression analysis and Time series analysis are some of the powerful tools used in business forecasting.

Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO)

Leave your routine and mundane tasks which are essential but not core of your business to us and we will diligently provide you quality services based on agreed upon procedures. This will provide you additional time to attend to and focus on the core part of your business and will enable you win the competition. The activities that you may consider for outsourcing may include HR services, Office administration services, IT and Technical support services, Accounting services etc.

Due Diligence

It refers to looking into the past and present of people, structure, activities, operations, liabilities, systems and procedures of a company for a variety of reasons from looking at lending funds to a company to buying into the ownership of the company. This is methodology used to mitigate the risks of a transaction since the client will be able to make a more informed decision. It is an audit or investigation to ascertain all material facts in relation to a transaction. It is the care a reasonable person or entity would take prior to entering into a transaction with another person or entity.

Business Valuation

Through business valuation, our clients will receive advisory regarding value of a business. The worth of a business is estimated using certain set of procedures in consultation with the client. The set of procedures will depend on the nature of the transaction and circumstances in which the same is done. Methodologies include the discounted cash flow method, net asset method, EBITA multiples, Earnings Multiple, PE ratio method etc. The choice of parameters will be discussed with the client to ensure an accurate and objective assessment is done. Broadly the methodologies used for Business Valuation fall under Asset based approach, Earning based approach or Market value based approaches. More than one method is used to complete the business valuation so as to obtain reasonable assurance on the computations for business valuation.

Business Plan

It is a statement of the set of business goals, rationale for believing that such goals are achievable and plans to achieve such goals. It is usual to provide background information about the organization and project. The details provided will include financial projections, key ratios and other management information which explains how a major change or transaction will be managed.

Corporate Financing & Project Financing Advisory

We can facilitate identification of sources of funds for your requirements be it relating to ongoing operational requirements of the company or those relating to project based requirements. We will provide the necessary advisory relating to documentation requirements of the financiers and can help you negotiate with the financiers. We will facilitate funding from reputed banks and financial institutions that suits your requirements.

Business Consulting & Financial Advisory

Morison Menon Chartered Accountants & Partners and its services have been structured to provide value addition to the client organization and its management. The services provided are customized appropriately to deliver organization specific solutions and result in ‘ONE-STOP solution’.