Guiding Principles

The following guidelines have been the hallmarks for Morison Menon Chartered Accountants & Partners and the pillars of its success

Partnerships With businesses:

Building working partnerships has been an integral part of the core growth strategy of our group. Sustaining and increasing those partnerships is still recognized through the group as a major driving force for expansion. Over the last 3 to 4 years, various partnerships have been established aiming to provide a broader range of services to ensure continuous satisfaction of our customers.

Partnership with customers:

The divisions of the company engaged in business support and consultancy have been oriented to add long term value and competitiveness to the client through establishing partnerships with them. We aim to create “One-stop Shop” service solutions which provide variety of professional services required by our customers to manage & build their business better. To accomplish this we jointly discover business opportunities and respond effectively to the needs, all the time improving our processes though continuous improvements and innovation. These partnerships have been successfully built through the following:

· Designing and offering a service portfolio, which addresses the complete lifecycle of a business

· Providing Value Added services to clients on an on-going basis

· Providing complimentary advisory services for clients on an on-going basis

Ethics and Values

Practicing the profession of chartered accountancy as the primary activity of the company requires adherence to the Professional code of ethics for accountants, and hence we comply with the standards prescribed by code of ethics of professional bodies such as IIA, ISACA, ICAI and CPA.
Values and ethics are infused into the culture of the company, which reflects through the integrity levels of its staff members, the transparency of the procedures and systems and the social responsibility projects that the group associates with.

Our  group firms were  able to successfully establish in  the Middle East market and change the way business is done, through partnering with customer’s to achieve success and guiding them step by step to a prosperous future. We do this by living up to our brand values, which are:

> Commitment

> Confidentiality

> Quality

> Value addition

> Integrity

> Innovation

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